Virtually Available™… Programs, Workshops and Presentations

Virtually Available™… Programs, Workshops and Presentations

Beginning this Fall 2020!

The magic of virtually presenting Arts Integration programming across the world is amazing!

World-Beat Books™ in collaboration with Storyteller J’miah Nabawi and other artists including professional American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters and instructors are serving up some unique virtual programming for community agencies, schools, arts organizations, public libraries and K-12 teachers looking to include relative, supplemental material and activities to their agenda and classroom instruction. Check out the following list of online interactive presentations.

Storybook Improv™ Bring storybooks alive with Storybook Improv™

Many of us have had the experience that after having read a story at bedtime (or anytime) to a child, we would often get: Read it again! (And again . . . and again . . . and again, there we are reading aloud to either tiredness, sleepiness, or just plain old . . . enough already! Reading aloud to children can even challenge us to completely change the story, ad lib, etc. when we get requests to read the story over again.

The idea behind Storybook Improv™ is to share some strategies that may be used to set up opportunities for storybook readers to spontaneously stre-e-e-tch the printed dialogues that just might bring in some new characters and imaginary scenes to accompany the ones already in the book.

Storybook Improv™ is more suitable for those who may feel restricted to the printed page and not allowed to take “creative license” with a work while reading aloud to children, seniors or anyone. Bring a storybook and let’s kick off some storybook improv and then put it into practice the next daytime or bedtime storybook reading. 

Select storybooks by the presenter(s) are first read aloud to model as an example (observation) of what Storybook Improv™  is all about and get everyone feeling comfortable with “taking license” to read aloud or tell a story however she/he wants to inject her personality and interpretation of the storybook (story) being presented. Based on the principals of improvisational theater, Storybook Improv™ uses some of the basic rules for improv. 

What’s need: Participants may bring a storybook to begin with to experience and practice applying the improv with a familiar book from home. Positive feedback, principles of voice animation and expression, taking risks within a secure group setting is paramount to building self-confidence and preparation for expanding on one’s comfort zone before going public as a solo act or as a group ensemble for a public event.

Story, Song and Sign™ . . . Mother Goose and Nursery Rhymes with Interactive Storytelling and American Sign Language (ASL)

With Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes as our language and vocabulary resource for teaching American Sign Language (ASL) and rhythmic play, short recreational “folk-tale” songs (mmoguo) are included to provide a language rich, multicultural program. Participants will also gain insight and sensitivity to deaf culture and communicating with individuals who are Deaf.
Learn from two of the best in their areas of expertise and popularity. Award-winning storyteller, J’miah Nabawi, has presented arts education residencies in schools across the United States and is a recipient of various proclamations (PA House of Representatives) and the National Storytelling Network’s ORACLE Award.  A faculty member at two universities, Dr. Dana L. Taylor is a professionally licensed Counselor, practicing psychotherapist, and interpreter for the deaf who has interpreted for Ellen DeGeneres, President Obama, Whoopi Goldberg and many other high visible individuals. Come ready to learn, share and play!

Something Bitter, Something Sweet . . . A mixed bag of recreational folktale-games (mmoguo) and story-play

Based on J’miah Nabawi’s book and P.E. activities, Tell-Aerobic-Tales , come a variety of “sitting or standing, get those bodies moving” participatory folk-tales as creative movement that may reenergize a moment and break the atmosphere of boredom sometimes found in classroom settings, meetings or at home with a few “couch potatoes.” With imaginary garden tools for a planting circle, a bandana for a Gullah-Geechee ring game, a few river rocks (balled up scratch copy paper) to exchange with a partner, a group or one’s self, everyone gets to choose: Something bitter or something sweet?

What’s needed: A partner (or not); one page each of balled up copy or notebook paper (or two items ie checkers pieces, water bottle tops, aluminum foil, apples, oranges–something that can be exchanged from one hand to another that may pose a challenge to be picked from your partner[s] opened hands. Napkins, soft tissue or construction paper will not work.); a bandana, scarf, handkerchief and some fabric that can drape across the shoulders; imagination. Adaptable for “With Mommy Mornings” and “A Day with Dad” storytime. Presented by J’miah Nabawi.

WOOD Makes Music™ . . . Let’s make a marimba!

Here are two WOOD Makes Music marimbas constructed (including the mallets) by 5th through 7th graders during a music workshop at the Church of the Ascension summer camp. No nails or hammering! Participants first design their wooden keys on paper to their satisfaction before duplicating the colorful patterns onto the wooden keys. At least three online meetings to get favorable outcome from the activities.

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More program descriptions to follow!

Teachers interested in methods and material that connect to Department of Education Social Studies “Frameworks” related to the specific countries Africa should email us. We’ll even get to take a virtually guided tour of the multi-exhibited Savannah African Art Museum.

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